The Fountain Grove - AMENITIES

General Specs:

Roofing System

  • Gauge 26 pre-painted Rib-type long span G.I. sheets, complete with bended accessories on steel roof framing system; with insulation.

Ceiling Finishes

  • Fiber cement board painted finish for Ground Floor and Second Floor ceiling.


  • Powder coated aluminum sliding windows.


  • Panel door painted finish for Main door
  • Powder coated aluminum sliding door (if applicable)
  • Flush-type with painted finish for Service door & Bedrooms
  • PVC door with jamb for toilet & bath

Kitchen Fixtures

  • Stainless steel sink with faucet
  • Glazed tiles for countertop and splashboard with utility cabinet under the sink

Toilet & Bath

  • Flush-type toilet bowl with lavatory
  • Glazed tiles for walls
  • Unglazed tiles for floors


  • Ground Floor: Ceramic tiles
  • Second Floor: Ceramic tiles
  • Carport : Pebble washout with tile accent

Concrete Wall Finish

  • Interior : Painted finish
  • Exterior : Textured cement paint finish


  • Reinforced Concrete Stairs with wooden planks steps


  • Bedrooms : Fiber cement board double wall partition
  • Toilet & Bath : Concrete partitio
  • Grand Fountain Marker
  • Landscape Entrance Gate
  • Clubhouse
  • Childrens Pool
  • Infinity Lap Pool
  • Fountain Landmarks
  • Multi Purpose Hall
  • Childrens Playground
  • Basketball Court
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Welcoming residents and guests to The Fountain Grove is a beautifully designed and immaculately landscaped entrance gate. The design of this welcoming feature reflects the contemporary resort feel of the entire development. The gate will be manned 24/7 by trained security personnel, as well as CCTV camera surveillance systems.

An impressive grand fountain marker can also be seen upon entry to this upscale residential community, which alludes to the name of the development. This fountain marker is just one of the many stunning water features inside the development, which, aside from providing an impressive look to The Fountain Grove, also contributes to better outdoor temperature especially during the summer.

A clubhouse designed and built in the same contemporary, minimalist resort style seen in all model houses in The Fountain Grove. Located nearby are the infinity lap pool and the children’s pool, which further emphasize the development’s resort ambiance.

Adults and children of all ages should engage in physical activities to remain healthy, which is why the developer also included a specially designed and landscaped playground for the use of younger residents, and a full-sized basketball court for the exclusive use of The Fountain Grove community.

For those who want to celebrate a major milestone or just get family and friends together for a casual party, the beautiful, airy, and spacious multi-purpose hall is available for the exclusive use of the residents.

Aside from these impressive amenities, The Fountain Grove also makes sure that residents get to enjoy unique and thoughtfully added features in their very own homes. Perched on the top of every The Fountain Grove home is a gauge 26, pre-painted rib-type galvanized iron sheet roofing, finished with matching bended accessories on a sturdy and reliable roof framing system. Insulation is also carefully installed in the roof to provide residents with better interior temperatures regardless of the weather.

All the windows in the home units are made with glass and special powder-coated aluminum sliding types that lets in a generous amount of natural light during the day. These windows can be safely locked from the inside. Kitchens also come with a stainless steel sink, complete with faucet fixtures, as well as beautifully glazed tiles for splashboard (behind the sink) and countertops. The developer has also included a built-in utility cabinet under the sink for a clever storage option.

All toilets and baths are finished with a combination of glazed and unglazed tiles for a clean, modern look and ultimate function. Interior floors are also covered in easy-to-clean ceramic tiles, while the carport is covered in a pebble washout with tile accent to prevent slippage, especially during the rainy season.

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